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Bulk Washing Powder (Premium Brand – 2 x Concentrated)

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Name: Bulk Washing Powder (Premium Brand – 2 x Concentrated)

Condition: Off Grade

MOQ: 1 x 40ft Container

Quantity: 300 tonnes

Price: $0.21 per pound FOB USA

Description: Premium quality washing powder available in bulk. This is recovered from damaged retail packaging and sold in bulk. This is NOT waste or floor sweepings. Please contact for more detailed information.

Polythene Plastic Sheeting Rolls (Heavy Duty)

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Name: Polythene Plastic Sheeting Rolls (Heavy Duty)

Condition: New

MOQ: 2 x Pallet

Quantity: Any

Price: Please contact us for pricing on this item

Description: Clear 4m x 25m 250mu / 1000g (40 rolls per pallet)
Clear 2m x 50m 250mu / 1000g (40 rolls per pallet)
Blue 4m x 25m 300mu / 1200g (35 rolls per pallet)
Black 4m x 50m 125mu / 500g (40 rolls per pallet)
MADE IN THE UK. Please contact for further details and other polythene roll options.